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  It was a  Beautiful day. A clear sky with no cloud around, the sun that shines brightly on the white snow, giving it's warmth to the people of the city and the birds chirped happily. All was perfect for the start of my very first mission.

  What my mission is, you ask? To make two people fall in love with eachother. I am a Cupid, you see. Why "first" mission? I am a newcomer and a total novice. And by giving new Cupids like me missions, we are tested for how well we handle it, and how good our methods are. I probably confused you, so let's start from the beggining. When a person passes away, not only they will either go to Hell or Heaven, but also, depending on their wish when they pass, become a certain type of demon/angel. Cupids are angels that wished to give love to others. I am a little special, however. Even though the wish remains, memories of their lives as humans are gone, but i still have some of my human memories. For example, i was a girl around the age of 13-14. The city that my mission takes place is the city i lived in. If i had family or friends,that i don't remember.

  But enough with my blabling. The main target is here. David Collins, 17 years old, with a tall good built, good looking and a nice personality to boot. The girl that is his soulmate is lucky. But i can't help but notice that he looks a bit sad. I wonder what happened. I follow him to where he is going (part of the mission is to follow said target until you find his/her soulmate. Only then you can fire the arrows.). We end up at a high school. Maybe this is where his soulmate is, for most couples started here.  He goes to his classroom and speaks with his friends(all boys) before the bell rings. Some girls also enter the class. <<Perfect!>>, i thought. Maybe the soulmate is in the same class. I use my "love eyes" to scan them...not even one of those girls are the soulmate. <<This i gonna take some time>>. By the end of school i had scanned all the girls. None of them are at the required level. I followed him home totally disapointed that i haven't found her yet. My mission ends on Valentine's Day and i only have 10 days left. I can't screw up.

  His home is on the third floor of an apartment building. We go in the house. So he lives alone. I take note of this, for i may have to use the arrows when both are here(i also take note that the house seen very familiar). It need a good clead up first though, you can't have a girl in here. While he does his homework, the doorbell rings. He opens a door to a lovely girl of the same age as him, probably his neigbour.Her name is Anna. While they were talking, something happend: my eyes activated on their own, and turned out that this girl is his soulmate!! I was estatic! I found them both on the same day! I prepared my arrow, aimed at him first, and shoot. I couldn't see what came next. The arrow, the moment it touched his chest, it turned black and shattered. I was shocked. For what i heard, this never happened to other Cupids. I checked Anna. She didn't need an arrow, she was allready in love with him. The problem was David. Even though he was polite to her, letting her in and giving her someting to drink as they speak, he was very distant.  

  She left after volunteering to clean up his mess and cook him dinner. What a nice girl. He finished his homework, eat the meal Anna made, brushed his teeth and went to sleep. This gave me an apportunity to invastigate a bit. i found a picture with both of them at about 10 years old playing whith a dog. So they were childhood friends. What happend between them to hake him so distand? I started to think back. Even with his male friends he was the same. Then i give a better look of the house. There is evidence of Parents being around. Where did they go? So many questions. But it was late. I have to think about them tomorow. I went to the living room and lied on the sofa. I curled up my small wings and went to sleep. The sofe had a very nostalgic scent as a drifted into my dreams. "It's weird. It feels like i have done this before..."
"A story of a cupid trying to make 17 year-old David fall in love with his neigbour of asme age, Anna while she has the feeling that they conect to her missing memories."

How long has it been?!?

So i had absolutely no idea what to draw for Valentine's Day,and while i was stugling to come up with something, i made a draft of a cupid girl trying to make a boy fall in love.Then an epiphany struck:

If i can't draw it, i will write it.

and so here is the first chapter of my cupid's little anventure.I have now idea how many chapters this story will have,but i will try to finish it on time for Valentine's day.
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Submitted on
February 12, 2016