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 The next day found us in heavy rain. Will he be able to go to school? David eat the leftovers ftom yesterday and went to the shower. This gave me more time to inspect his room. Ofcourse with him here, i can't move things or make a sound or else he will get suspicious. I found a few more photographs of what i think are his parents. They looked like a happy family. My heart squeezed a little. Did i knew these people? Was i friends with their son too, like Anna? As i was thinking about it,he finished his shower and i rushed to the living room to let him get dressed in privacy. While he was dressing i noticed two doors. A slight urge to go in and see what's behind them almost overwelmed me, but i fought it. I don't want to be more of a stakler than my job needs me to be.

  We saw Anna coming out of her appartment and headed together to the road. So they go to the same school but they are on different classrooms. This won't be much of a problem. They probably see eachother at breaks. As he was convensing with his friends i saw that they were slightly worried because of the distance he has with everyone. But the convo was cut short for the teacher came in and started her lecture. By the end of it, i couldn't keep my eyes open. Is she always this boring? A few of the stundents seem to think the same thing. After her, another teacher came. And then another, and then another. By the end os school Anna didn't even appear once. One of David's friends asked him to join them in the Basketball court, but he said that he has to go to his part-time job. While he said this, an idea came into my mind: for the rest of the day, i will follow Anna and see how i can bring them together. So as David went to his job, i went to Anna's.

 Her house was very clean and warm. a note on the kitchen counter said that her mom and dad have gone out and that they will be late. I couldn't pick a better time for this. I immediately started looking around for photos and think that might give me some clues as she started making dinner. The whole house was filled with the smell and it made me hungry, even though i have no nned to eat, drink and use the bathroom. I went to her room to search as well. there, i found lots of photos of David and her. Then i noticed a third person: a young girl around 13 years old. I saw tha same girl in almost all the other photos. She was smilling in all of them. <<Could it be?!?>> i thought. is it me in those pictures? The feeling that i was right completly took over. I was right. I was a childhood friend of those two. Is that why i was given this mission? To help my best friends get together and be happy? I was about to cry when Anna came in and stared at my direction. For a moment i thought she could see me, but she was only lokking at the pictures, giving a sad smile. <<What happend between them? Why they broke apart like that? Does it have to do with me?>>, was few of the endless stream of thoughts that went to my mind when i saw that smile. Only then i noticed: Not even once did i saw David smile when i started this mission.

 I returned to David's house. My eyes went directly to the two closed doors. The urge was to great. I passed though the door and i found myself in a maste bedroom. His parent's bedroom. Everything was so clean an tidy. A picture of them was on the bed. Then i connected the pieces. They had passed away. Accident? Robbery that went wrong? I don't know. I started to feel bad. His distance with everyone, the fact that no family photos was around, was due to this. I swore to myself that i will definitely help them get together. He deserves happiness. As i was thinking to go though the other door, David returned home. He was holding a bag that turned out to be Anna's food. I looked at his face. He looked a bit pale. Did he got sick? I watched as he ate, washed the dishes, and went to bed. By that time he started coughing. I hoped Anna noticed this. Another aportunity to try and fire another arrow. But now all i have to do is chek up on him to make sure that he doesn't get any worse.
The second chapter is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As this time our Cupid went to watch Anna, she found pictures of herself that indicated the they were childhood friends.This makes her determined to get them together.

First Chapter here:…

More on the way so stay tuned!!
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February 13, 2016