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  By dawn he had a fever and was coughing uncontrolably. Thank the heavens that it was Saturday. Now the problem is that i can't take care of him, for my presence must stay unkown. <<Wait.>> i thought. There IS someone that can take care of him. Anna!! But how to get her here without being noticed? The last thing i want is to be called a ghost. But then i heard a knock at the door. I went to check out. I didn't even need to worry. Not only it was Anna, but she also came prepared with groceries to cook for him. She had definetly noticed his cold before i did. Then she noticed that the door wasn't locked. She got herself in, went straight to his room and took his temperature. He spiket at 40 celcius!! She started by lowering his fever, then she stormed to the kitchen. I was amazed by how fast and how efficient she was working! She had finished cooking, prepared new pajamas and even brought a bucket to his room in case he throws up. she even had a new pair of ded sheets!! That gave me an urge to Salute her.

 By noon she had him sweating an ocean and woken up to eat his lunch and pills. When he saw her he started to complain that he didn't need any help, but she gave him a look that would make a lion scared, and he just let himself get pampered. As she had predicted, he threw up straight into the bucket. Luckily the sheets didn't got dirty. He then started to complain again, but was silenced yet again by her saying that as he is now, he can't even go to the bathroom alone and he must stop being a crybaby. Savage! He din't complain again. He ate his food, took the pills, and went back to sleep. As he was sleeping, she was wipping his sweat. He woken up in the afternoon feeling a bit better, though he still had a high fever. then he saw Anna coming in the room with the pajamas. He got really embarrased but relluctanly let her change him. What a sight. David red like a tomato and not just from his fever and Anna in full-nuscing mode not givving him time to protest. When she was finished, his face said that he wanted to dig a hole and jumb right in.

  It was time for dinner. He knew by now to just go along with her and let her feed him. She the ckeck his temperature. 38. Still high, but at least it was going down. It was then that the most entertaining thing happend: He had to go to the bathroom. Now Anna's intimidation was challenged by his absolute embarrasment, protesting that he was well enough to go on his own. She said that she will let him go alone butonly if the door remains bit open just in case. He saw he had no other choice but to eccept. While he was doing his thing in the bathroom, she stayed outside like a bodyguard that won't allow anyone to a club. Now it was evening. He was about to say that she could go home now, but then he saw that she allready made the sofa into a bed. She informed him that she communicated with her parrents that she will stay in David's house to nusce him back to health. He realized that she wouldn't leave, so he just said goodnight and went to his room, uterly defeaded.
No wonder the arrows wouldn't work. He was in love with her, but he didn't want to admit it. All i needed to do is to find a way to make him admit it.

  This day was really amusing, seeing Anna dominate David and him not being able to do a thing about it. while she was getting comfortable to her sofe-bed, i went to check up on David. The poor guy was totally red, and not by his fever. He knew he was doomed to get nursed by Anna, wether he liked it or not. I couldn't help but laugh a little. <<No wonder the arrows wouldn't work.>>. He was in love with her, but he didn't want to admit it. All i needed to do is to find a way to make him admit it. But that got me a sence of nostalgia. All of today started to bring back memories. There was a time that he got sick like today, but that time, it was his mom that nursed him. He said that he was a big guy and that he could take care of himself, only to throw up immediately after, making mom roll her eyes in amusement. <<Mom, huh.>>. I went to the master bedroom. I wanted to have a closer look at his parrents' photo. He looked like his dad, having the same sky blue eye color, but had his mom's brown hair color. As i was getting a better look of the room, i found more pictures of me. Alone. I finally remembred. i took one photo of me and put is side by side to the parent photo. Dad's black hair with mom's amber-green eyes.
And with a day'w delay,here you have the Third chapter.

this time we saw Anna dominating David to let her help him, wich entertained our little cupid, finally knowing how she is connected to them.

previous chapter here:…

If all goes well, two morw chapters to go.
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