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  My name is Katherine Collins (Kate for short). David is my older brother. Anna is my best friend. Me, David and her had met at the kindergarden when we were three(he was four) and became friends immediately. When we 13(David 14), i noticed that Anna was crushing hard on my brother. I promised to help her when i discovered that i was ill and had to have a surgery. It was then that the three of us had a big argument. Only Anna, mom and dad came to visit me after my surgery. David was still stubbornly angry at me. I promised her again that once i get out of the hospital, i will definetly get these two together no matter what. While on the way home from my prison, my parents and i had a car accident. All of us died, includind the driver of the other car. It was after that David became so distant. Three years and he still can't go on.

 Now i finally see why i was so special. While other Cupids get their powers from wishes, i got mine from my promise. I finally knew was i should do. I checked how much time i have left. 8 more days before valentine's day. Plenty of time for my plan. I rushed to the only room in the house that i havent been since my death: My room. I inspected the bookshelf to find a praticilar onr that always loved to fall in the most inappropriate times no matter how good we had secured it. But now instead on an incovinience it would be helpfull. I also found my diary. I opened it and put it at the shelf. Nobody had been in here so nobody will notice this missplacement. Then i remembered that anna had given me her diary as well. I found it exactly where i had hid it. She didn't even bothered to take it back. I took my diary from the shelf and placed hers. All i have to do now is wait for Anna to leave and time the moment David gets out of bed. His fever went down completly and this time he managed to convice her that he doesn't need her help now and that she should leave before she gets infected with the cold as well. And now the plan can be set into motion.

 The next day came and David was better. I let him eat breakfast and shower all the sweat away before i start my plan. I had double checked the shelf to make sure that it would fall if i press hard enough. I waited for the time when no noice from outside was comming. I wanted to take a small revenge for the fight we had by scaring the living daylights out of him. And so, when dead silence was in the house that only his coughing could be heard, i made the shelf fall. I couldn't hope for a better reaction from him. Thank Eros that Anna wasn't in the complex to hear the magnificent scream he just unleashed from his lungs. My jaw hurted by holding my laughter when he stormed into the room that he hadn't been in for so long with a face of pure terror. He curse the shelf and vowed to never put back up again when he finally noticed the diary. Not only that, it opened to a page that hold a photo of him he didn't knew was taken (his face when he saw it was priceless). He went to close the diary, thinking it was mine when he noticed that this was Anna's handwriting. His curiousity took over like i hoped. he went to the beginning to read it. A parade of emotions he went through while he was reading was fascinating.

  After a few hours he read the whole thing. Now he knew about Anna's feelings towards him and my promice to her. He sat there of a good five minutes in complete silence to take it all in. Then i saw him in his famous serious face. Now he was planning something. Because now he knew he can't run away from his feelings anymore, he ran straight to his room, open his computer and searched the net for open cafeterias for Valentine's Day. I was shocked. He was going to confess!!! My face started to hurt again but this time from smiling from ear to ear. He finally found one to book. He then started to plan how to ask her out without giving himself in. He decided to use her help to get better as a way to mask the date as a "thank you". Genius. Now all that was left was when to ask her. I silently agreed that the best time for that is when the go to school together. After that he spent the rest of the day trying to find a good look for Sunday for he didn't want to wait until last minute. When he found what he would wear, he hide it on this closet. He then went to the kitchen and and the leftover from yesterday's meal. As he went to sleep, i decided it was time to use my room again until Sunday, when my mission will finally come to a close.
 The forth chapter is out!!!!!!!!! Kylo Ren (Matt) Approves Icon 

What happend to me???? Ford Icon  I'm finally finishing a story of mine!!!!! Well, the next one will be the last but still!!

Last Chapter is coming tomorow so be ready!!!!! le lenny chris 

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February 16, 2016


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