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  The next day found him already up and thinking how he was gonna ask her as normaly as posssible. He was completly in his thoughts when the door rang. It was Anna. I started grinning when i saw his face. He was sweating from nervousness and his cheeks was bright red. How he was gonna explain that? When he was asked about it, he said that he started working out, doing some push-ups. Not the best save, but enough to satisfy Anna's curiousity. Whe went to the kitchen to start making breakfast for both of them, while David was giving his all just to calm his nerves. I found this situation extremely funny to see, especially David's tries to stay cool and collected infront of Anna, that maybe started to get suspicious over his behavior, for normaly he would talk more cold to her. He knew that he had to ask her now. And so he did, normal as he could, caughting her off guard. It didn't take long before she said yes. Phase one of "Valentine's confession" (and yes, he named it that) copmlete.

  Phase two of the plan is make sure that he won't be busted by his friends about it for the entire week. He only wants them to believe he's just asking her out to thank her for helping him get better. Nothing more, nothing less. As the week went, it was harder for David to calm down. at school he played it extra cool but at the house, when Anna came every day to cook for him and sometimes even ate together, it was a whole other story. He was pacing back and forth with anticipation and horror in the chance that she might reject him. So bad that i can't communicate with him anymore. Then again i find it satisfiyng to see him freak out like that. <<What a good sister i am.>> i giggle. When he was alone, he was searching the net for a gift to give her. He wanted something simple but pretty, but most of all, something he can afford to buy. eventually he decided on a necklace. The small package will be here tomorow. And with that, phase three was complete. All that's left is to make sure Anna has a fun date with him. And at last, Sunday, Valentine's Day came.

  He went up early and got himself a good shower to get rid of the rest of his flu. After that he got to the kitchen to make breakfast, wich he never did while i was here. He then went to brush his teeth and get dressed. He looked himself in the mirror like he was a diva trying to make sure that nothing is wrong with the outfit. The doorbell rang. Anna came a bit earlier that he thought. She was holding breakfast. He said that he already had one but they will have a picnik later. And with all in place, necklace at his jacket's inner pocket, they went on thei date. It was a perfect day for a date. They wakled for a bit, discussing about various things. Then it was time to go to the cafe. They spend a few good hours together and at noon the went to have their pcinic. All was geat until his foot made acquaintance with the ice below and had a magnificent fall on the snow that took only a second to happen. With David half-burried on the snow and with his bottoms praising the sun, i couldn't keep it in, and apparently Anna as well. We laughted our asses off, along with a few spectators that where there. His first reaction was to see if the necklace was still in his jacket. Then the reality of his situation set in and he sprunk back up, red from the emmbarasment. Anna was now on the ground, holding her stomach from laughing so hard. He helped her back up and continue their way, hiding his slight irritation that Anna was still silently laughing.

  They found a good place to sit and trarted eating the breakfast, then stayed there and enjoyed the warm sun hitting their face. By the time they got up, it was afternoon. as they were walking back home, he knew the time was now. He stopped Anna and sheepisly passed her the Necklace. I was a cute heart desing. She was shocked. And then he finally said his fellings, of how much he loved her, but was to afraid to say anything, to her. She started crying. He thought that that was it, she was gonna reject him. It was his turn to be shpcked by her sudden hug. It only took him a few seconds to realize that she was feeling the same and hug her back. Then they kissed. At last after three years they were together. they were a couple. I took out two arrows and aimed. They found their target and this time no one shattered. With that, now they will be always together and my promise was kept. My mission was a complete success. It was time for me to leave. I flaped my small wings and went back. Now i was a real Cupid.

 Years later and i was on my way for another mission on the same city. I found my target immentiatly for i knew exactly where to look. Her name was Katherine Collins. David and Anna's daughter.
And with this, the story is at it's end.

I hope you enjoyed this litte tale. I had a good time writing it, even if i finished it after Valentine's day. 

First Chapter: nasiagreece.deviantart.…

Second Chapter: nasiagreece.deviantart.…

Third Chapter: nasiagreece.deviantart.…

Fourth Chapter: nasiagreece.deviantart.…

See you guys later!!
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February 17, 2016